First post!

Okay, so not a great way to start off my blog… I’ve been going back and forth about what I should talk about, what I should write about. For now, I think this will just be a review blog; books, products, food, everything….. Then we will see how this will develop.

So my first thing I’m going to review are Willy Wonka’s RandomsĀ®

Randoms product 208x208

I need to post the obligatory “I got this as a free sample.” statement, but here we go….

I found Randoms to be very flavorful. I liked the little odd shapes, and I LOVE the resealable bag. Anyone with a child, knows that being able to reseal something is a godsend, it allows you to give your child a few, without having to give the whole bag and/or waste it by tossing it out. As for comparing them to other Gummy products, I chose to compare them to Haribo gummy bears. Nutrition wise, they are all bad for you, however Randoms does contain a bit more Carbohydrats/sugar than the Haribo product. Actually getting down to the nitty gritty and eating them, Randoms are softer, which may be better for little kids, while Haribo tend to need very strong jaw muscles to eat them.

What do you think?